Pet Friendly Resort in Manali

We've all heard people say that pets are "just" animals and don't matter in our lives. Most pet owners know the wonders of owning an animal. Understand companionship and how beautiful bonds are formed between animals and humans. Pet Friendly Resort in Manali is one of the best option for fond lover of animals.

For them their pets are just like their family members, from celebrating their birthday party to letting them go with them to a trip becomes mandatory for them. When you Love your pet unconditionally. All you need is their happiness as well as comfort.

They really don't compromise on their comfort level. As we all know that a pet needs proper comfort and they actually seek for their comfort wherever they go. So it's become a priority to a pet owner to find a Luxury Villas Manali that is luxurious as well as best in comfort level.

Now if you have Plan for your Partner and you really want to make her feel special. But you are also a pet owner and can't leave your partner for life alone. So you decided to plan a surprise trip to Manali with your better half and partner for life.

When it comes to hill stations in India. Some of the most popular destinations lie at the foothills of the Himalayas. One of the top tourist destinations in the region is Kullu Manali, a beautiful tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh.

This tourist attraction is especially popular, with tourists who love outdoor activities. And is also a very popular honeymoon destination in India. Based in the Kullu valley. It is very close to other famous cities such as Shimla and Chandigarh. It is close to the Solang valley and there are many hiking trails and camping trails around.

Best Resort for Pet in Manali

One of the most picturesque places, Manali is a dream destination. Beautifully tucked away on the banks of the River Beas. Often referred to as the 'Honeymoon Capital of India', this place is Himachal Pradesh's premier hill station, offering spectacular views of the snow-capped Pir Panjar and Dhauladhar ranges. A tranquil setting, cultural vibrancy, numerous exciting activities, and coveted secludedness are some of the key features of this beautiful hilltop destination.

 It is also known as "Valley of the Gods" due to the many ancient temples scattered about. In recent years, Manali has emerged as a workstation hotspot as it is well-developed in terms of infrastructure and WiFi connectivity and offers a variety of options for staying and dining. For honeymooners, family travelers, adventure junkies, or those seeking tranquility, this Himachal Pradesh spot never fails to impress visitors with its undeniable charm.

To Explore such an amazing place your reallly should not wait twice. But question arises what for your pet? How can you find a resorts for pet? Will it be comfortable enough for your pet?

So don't worry, all your questions end at The Royal Woods. One of the best resort to stay in Manali. This resort is absolutely pet friendly all you have to do is to pay the extra charge for your pet as well.

Comfortable stay and Great hospitality is the main reason why The Royal Woods is in the top list of best resorts of Manali. After getting such an amazing Resort where you can have an evening walk with your pet in their private garden area and can enjoy the absolutely amazing view from their balcony you decided to explore Manali.

Why choose The Royal Woods As Pet Friendly Resort in Manali?

The main reason why one should choose The Royal Woods is pet friendly hotel are available at a premium rate. They can also provide dog walking services. Dog day care for an additional fee.

When booking a stay with pets. Guests may ask a variety of questions during their stay. It is important to reduce the potential for confusion and put information about these guests on her website. The Royal Woods's site clears. All of your doubts and also questions them. On their site regarding you and your pet's room booking. lso clarify which allow hotel for the dogs.

In most cases, pets are not allowed in public areas such as pools, gyms and bars. This varies from property to property. But they allow your pet in their private pool area. Ask you can plan a surprise pool day for your dog to play around their pool side area with the perfect mountainous view.

Guests are required to walk their pets in designated exercise areas and must pick up their pets in and around the hotel at all times. Pets are not allowed in pools, restaurants or other public areas. Pet hygiene is the responsibility of the owner. The hotel is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, deaths, loss, etc. caused by pets. Do not leave pets unattended in rooms or public areas. These rules are for all of us to live with. If they do not respect them, the hotel management is free to suspend the pet owner's services.

Guidelines for Pets Lover

The Royal Woods reserves the right to accept pets based on management's standards and policies. Their top priority is the comfort and tranquility of all their guests. They love all kinds of animals. But only pets such as dogs are allow.

 The hotel has specially designated areas for pets. Guest room access has been approve by management and has a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs. When checking in, you have to inform. The front desk staff that you would like a pet in your room.

Policy For Pet Friendly Resort in Manali

These are a few policies by The Royal Woods. That you must follow before being a part of them. As it is important for you and them as well.

  • A Pet Policy Agreement must be sign. You have to sign a fee in Rupees. 500 housekeeping use per day.
  • If hotel management allows pets, pet owners may only accept rooms assigned by hotel management.
  • Adequate medical documentation showing that all vaccinations are up to date should be available upon request.
  • They ask that guests refrain from pets making excessive noise or odors, or exhibiting destructive or aggressive behavior towards other guests.

Medication and Supervision

If a pet is determine to be dangerous, harmful or disruptive, alternative accommodation must be sought at the hotel management's sole discretion. The hotel also reserves the right to contact Animal Welfare. The pet will be remove within 24 hours after notifying the owner.

As for pets, he is allow up to 1 pet per room. We recommend bringing pet bedding, cleaning towels, food and water bowls. All pets, without exception, must be keep on a collar outside the room. Pets require adult supervision at all times.

Pet owners should always clean up after their pets. This is a very important requirement for staying at a pet friendly hotel. It is the owner's responsibility to put her ID tag (owner's name and phone number) on each pet's collar.

Despite all precautions, if a dog bites someone. The person should be take to the hospital immediate and keep with this Aggression Canine Vaccine.

Dogs are supervise 24 hours a day. The owner covers the medical expenses for dog injuries and removes the animal immediately from the hotel. House cleaning staff will only clean your room. When your pet is in the room & when your pet has left the room. Do not put your pet on top of furniture, B. Beds, etc. You are responsible for property damage or personal injury caused by your pet. Pets must not make noise or disturb other guests' health or sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best Pet Friendly Resort in Manali?

The Royal Woods in Naggar, Manali is the best Pet friendly resort in Manali.

What are the price for Pet Friendly Resort in Manali?

500/- housekeeping price per day for pet friendly resort in Manali.

What are the guidelines to keep a pet in Resort?

Pets are not allowed in beds, dinning and Open area.
Must be supervised by an adult.
Hygiene must be maintain.
Pets must be vaccinated.


Manali is an extremely fantabulous place. And it is much more than being explain in words. For that you really have to go there and explore Manali all over. But don't forget to book The Royal Woods Manali by Aaroham for you. And your pet for a comfortable and luxurious stay in Manali. They too have their personal parking area. So, that their guests won't find any difficulties with their personal vehicles. The Royal Woods is one of the best Pet Friendly Resort in Manali. They make sure each and every sort of comfort provides measures to their guests. You and your lovely pet are gonna love this place a lot. Give them a try.

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