Top Adventurous Things To Do In Manali

Have you ever dreamt of going to Manali like Bunny and Naina? Yeh Jawani hai Diwani must have burnt that fire in you to trek that mountain with your travel buddies. Let’s just finish off Manali from your bucket list soon and enjoy those snowfalls, that cold climate, and have a romantic walk with your better half in those snowy mountains. Pack up your bags and hit the streets of Manali with your gang. Have a comfortable stay in The Royal Woods by Aaroham which is the best luxury villas in Manali and have great fun in the following adventurous activities. 

River Rafting

River rafting in Manali is a must-see for anyone who wants to conquer the rush of water. The challenge of surviving the rough twists and turns of the rapids will quench your thirst for adventure in Manali. Before starting, rafters are briefly informed and aware of the lurking dangers. This is one of Manali’s most popular adventure activities. 


Surf the majestic mountains and experience the deep blue sky while paragliding in Manali. You need a steel nerve to make your first jump. After all, it’s one of Manali’s most demanding adventure sports. Calm your nerves after such a mind-boggling adventure in The Royal Woods which is the leading luxury villas in Manali


Enjoy skiing and snow rendezvous in the famous Solan Valley near Manali. Skiing is one of Manali’s most popular adventure sports and is provided with upfront assistance and sessions. You can ski in Rohtang, Marhi, Gulaba, and Dhundi, but the skiing experience in Manali can be great. 


Among Manali’s various adventure travel options, trekking allows you to enjoy the beauty of the calm landscape. Hiking is also a great opportunity to experience camping in Manali. 

Mountain Biking 

Feel the adrenaline running through the veins as the wind passes through your ears and the bike fires your muscles. Cycling the steep trails of Manali Hill requires skillful bike handling and solid experience cycling the rough mountain trails. Climb uphill in Manali and enjoy cycling downhill.


If climbing height is high on the priority list, Manali is the answer. Climbers are trained in basic equipment before climbing to the summit so they can confidently face the challenges that may arise. Starting with rock climbing and high-altitude climbing, everything is covered by Manali climbing. 


Add another feather to manali’s list of adventure sports – Zorb – and you can get a glimpse of the upside-down world. When you indulge in a Manali zorb and move away from something you’re used to, be prepared to be wrapped in a giant rolling ball.


One of manali’s most famous adventure sports is snowboarding. Similar to skiing, but from relatively steep hills and mountains. It’s a very exciting sport loved by those who seek adventure. 

River Crossing

One of the activities in Manali that is available all year round except during the monsoon is the river crossing. The various water streams of Manali help in this sport. It can be quite difficult as you have to cross the river while hanging on the rope. 


Manali adventures aren’t limited to thrilling moments. There is an even more unique experience here. You can also go fishing on a Manali trip and plan a day trip to places such as Haripur, Patlikuhal, and Raison. Guides and equipment are provided as part of the fishing package and it’s a great sport to experience here. Here you can catch both trout and mahseer.


Among the huge list of adventure sports in Manali to choose from, get along with your fun side and go for them. Go to Manali and enjoy a beautiful stay in the best luxury resorts in Manali i.e. The Royal Woods also don’t forget to involve yourself in these adventurous sports for an amazing experience. 

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