Naggar-Manali (The Land Of Cedar And Snow)

A town of mystical beauty, Naggar is located in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. Elevated at about 1,800 metres, in the vicinity of River Beas, Naggar delivers justice to its beauty as Kullu’s royal capital. It transforms with each season, the summers are radiant, monsoon raises its utopian vibe, and winters engulf it in snow. 

Naggar is less known to many people who yearn to escape into the bewitching hills and mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The untouched beauty boasts of its tranquillity and alleviating essence unlike many hills overcrowded by tourists. For a comfortable stay in Naggar have a look at the best luxury villas Naggar i.e. The Royal Woods by Aaroham Resorts


Naggar is home to India’s largest trees, commonly known as Deodar Cedar or Devdaru. The orchards of apples, peaches, plums, figs, galgal, and kafal amplify the scenic allure of the landscape. Architecture carved out of wood and stone are a common sight all across the town. Most windows aren’t fixed using common iron bars for support. One can spot the timelessness of the traditional architecture of Himachal or Kuni in the Naggar Castle. 

This castle is a specimen of flawless architectural execution owing to the fact that it survived a devastating earthquake in 1905, while most structures in its proximity were ruined. The courtyard of the castle accommodates the Jagatipatt Temple maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, 

Tourist Attractions 

The Naggar Castle built by Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu in 1460 stands as a heritage hotel at present and continues to define its historical and cultural gravity. The luxury hotel also houses a small museum with artefacts showing the history of its local dance, music, and art. Mountains and divinity have an inexplicable bond. The Gauri Shankar Temple, Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery, Hadimba Devi Temple, and Chamunda Bhagati Temple are unmissable if you wish to explore the spiritual side of Naggar. 

People with a knack for art and history should stop by the Reorich Art Gallery and Estate and Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum. Out of the manifold options for leisure, Trekking and Trout Fishing have managed to garner a bigger chunk of attention from tourists. 

The Royal Woods by Aaroham

Nestled in the immaculate hills of Naggar, The Royal Woods by Aaroham is an abode for those who ache to live for the mountains. An amalgamation of luxury and warmth, the villa offers you a panoramic view of the enthralling mountaintops covered with blankets of snow. All amenities and leisure spots are in proximity, along with top-notch assistance being offered each day. The Royal Woods by Aaroham Resorts is the cream of the crop for your stay in the town of heavenly and immortal charm- Naggar i.e. why it is the best luxury villas in Manali

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